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PAMIAS has been involved in a large number of projects since its foundation in 1964, providing services across Spain, as well as in Europe and other non-European countries.
The firm has played a significant role in the growth and modernisation of BARCELONA, a process that was jump started by the refurbishment works prior to the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games, and continued with PAMIAS' participation in the 2004 International Forum of Cultures, and the setting up of 22@ Barcelona, the city's Innovation District. These ambitious projects have materialised PAMIAS' commitment to the development of SUSTAINABLE CITIES.
PAMIAS has furthermore contributed to the development of several INDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS, which have fueled the growth of INDUSTRIAL COMPANIES from DIFFERENT SECTORS.
Lastly, the firm's INFRASTRUCTURE projects, in particular its RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE work, have also been a significant contribution to the achievement of sustainable urban development.

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