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Client: Mediapro
Sector: Industrial / Audio Visual
  • Final designs
  • Design of building structures
  • Design of installations
  • Environmental permit procurement
  • Project works management and coordination of safety and health
Date: 2006 – 2008
Surface: 52,000 m2
Arquitect: Carles Ferrater / Patrick Genard
Project Description:
Audio Visual Production Centre and offices for image production activities (22@ District - Barcelona)
The Project
The project
The image of Barcelona's 22@ Technology District has been strengthened by the construction of this new iconic building. The 17-story office tower, with its unique structural design, presides over an area dedicated to audio visual production. Its interior features six production sets, which have been designed with studied simplicity and were furnished with all the audio visual equipment required to meet the needs of professionals and of the university that trains them. The most novel and innovative design tools and calculation and construction methods developed by modern architecture and engineering were used to comply with the centre's complex needs.
The challenge
The building's construction process was monitored based on the centre's functions and needs. The different spaces were redesigned to provide the best solutions and fulfil the requirements of MEDIAPRO, a discerning client that demanded full acquaintance with the specific technical, operational and business needs of the audio visual sector.
Specialists in Audio Visual Centres
PAMIAS' proficiency and expertise in the design and construction of audio visual facilities were a decisive factor in MEDIAPRO's decision to commission the work to PAMIAS.
The Solution
Regular and sustained communication was established to ensure we were at all times aware of the client's needs. In addition, PAMIAS had carefully supervised the construction works, so it was in a position to anticipate any structural problem. The interaction between the different parties involved in the construction project was fruitful in ensuring a successful performance, even though the most innovative techniques and materials currently on the market were being used.
The Benefits
PAMIAS met timeline, cost, and quality specifications, in spite of the challenges presented by the project.
Value Engineering
New technologies were used to optimise the reinforcement of the expansion joints.
To improve safety, micropiles were connected to the cable anchors securing the concrete diaphragm walls to resist driving forces and migration of fine-grained materials given the strong hydrostatic pressure.
The placement of the post-tensioned slabs was supervised to ensure the operation was performed correctly.
Cost Optimisation
The offers presented were reviewed on an ongoing basis, and only those that added value to the client's project were accepted. A thorough assessment of the different thermal insulation options was conducted and a building sectorisation plan was designed to reduce energy usage and lower maintenance costs during the construction's life cycle. In addition, a detailed survey of the building's lighting design was carried out to improve energy management and efficiency.
Faster, Easier
Project execution timelines were significantly reduced thanks to the implementation of the Fast track method. The subcontractors' supply chain was also streamlined to speed up the execution of works.

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