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The core activities of firms operating in the industrial and production sectors require the use of professional services to achieve objectives and optimise investments. PAMIAS started its business activities undertaking industrial construction projects for the most dynamic sectors of the Spanish industry. Current production systems increasingly depend upon efficiency-driven solutions and the work of highly proficient specialists.
The audio visual industry is a growing and innovative sector with high returns in the market. Audio visual centre facilities must be designed to meet highly specific safety and comfort requirements in order to provide ample accessibility and work space for the multiple professionals that are involved in audio visual productions.
In addition, audio visual electronic equipment should conform to engineering and architectural design criteria to form an integrated unit.
FOOD (download portfolio)
The construction of food production units requires versatility in design and the use of special installation techniques, tailored to the needs of this industry.
The effects of intensive globalisation, market opening processes, information technology revolutions, and transport cost reductions have increased the demand for logistics services.
Throughout its years of activity, PAMIAS has collaborated with numerous organisations in the design and implementation of logistics management solutions to maximise their performance.
PAMIAS has also undertaken projects in the following areas:

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