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Engineering provides adequate technical and methodological solutions to a number of complex technological challenges raised by increasingly demanding economic, social and environmental goals.
The PAMIAS Engineering Division invents solutions, adapting them to the specific needs and requirements of INDUSTRIES and SERVICE PROVIDERS.
PAMIAS Engineering offers reliable technical support for complex construction projects in need of project designers and project managers, contributing to add value to projects and services.
PAMIAS' key areas of specialisation include: industrial buildings and facilities, such as food production units, automotive plants, manufacturing establishments; audio visual centres and facilities; office and corporate buildings; and hospital engineering services.
Project designers and managers that add value through their activities
  • Pre-project studies
  • Basic designs
  • Final designs
  • Architecture
  • Design of installations, energy supply, comfort & safety systems
  • Production systems
  • Strategic procurement & contractual advice
  • Project works management
  • Start-up
  • Legal engineering
For projects requiring a comprehensive understanding of the audio visual sector.
  • We are involved in the conceptual stage of the project
  • We offer detailed project planning
  • We manage and monitor project works
  • We abide by applicable laws and regulations
  • We provide technical support for the operation of the centre
  • We study the needs of the centre and install the adequate sound and audio visual equipment
For designing healthcare facilities that are fit-for-purpose and meet the requirements of the health sector
  • Functional plans for healthcare centres
  • esign of healthcare facilities:
    · Ambient comfort
    · Thermal fluids
    · Energy supplies
    · Safety
    · Medicinal gases...
  • Management of complex healthcare facility project works
  • Heliport projects

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