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Sound management of environmental resources has become a key factor for global social and economic growth. Environmental protection strongly depends on the commitment of private/public organisations and the general public, and demands effective collective action.
PAMIAS offers innovative services, aimed at addressing the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Technical assistance services for efficient energy management in buildings and industry.
  • Energy audits
  • Consultancy and advisory services for outsourcing energy management
  • Solar energy installation projects, cogeneration and microgeneration (or distributed generation) systems
  • Energy labeling & efficiency certification (LIDER/CALENER)
Support services to achieve environmental construction certification.
  • LEED® certification for buildings
  • Incorporation of environmental criteria into design
  • Spanish Building Code (CTE) justification
  • Sustainable construction certifications: LEED®, Green Globes, SBTool 07
  • Acoustic consultancy services
  • Study of façades, ventilation and insulation systems
Services designed to strengthen environmental management actions in firms and municipal organisations.
  • Environmental licences and environmental assessments
  • Environmental impact studies and construction environmental reports
  • Waste management optimisation
  • Installation of:
    • Eco-efficient public lighting system
    • Streetscape integrated street furniture
    • Signposting
    • Underground waste containers to optimise selective waste collection

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